Welcome to Blue Notes, our first online exhibition.

As we are literally dipping our toes into this new world of the virtual show, we have taken pieces already in the gallery and added new work by several makers. The 'display' resembles in part the way the gallery is curated, pieces that connect through theme, colour, pattern or shape; the way we might place them together in our homes.

As makers we are missing the contact of the gallery space and the opportunities it provides for discussion and inspiration but look forward to more optimistic times ahead and future collaborations.

 In the meantime we offer you our version of the 'blues' and hope you may find a moment of calm, joy and optimism in these beautiful objects and wall art, perhaps you'll find a personal treat, a thoughtful Valentines gift or special thank you to your own hero of the hour.

Just click below for the exhibition.


We hope to see you at the shop soon!
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