Embellished Skull 2
Embellished Skull 2
Embellished Skull 2 by Holly Warnes
Holly Warnes

Embellished Skull 2

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Hand-embellished beaded and gilded found skull by Holly Warnes.

In a glass and wood bell jar which measures approximately 23cm in height with a 12.5cm diameter.

Holly describes these pieces, "I have always found beauty to be most affecting when it reveals itself in unexpected places.  Drawn towards melancholy, as a child I made deathbeds of petals and moss for fallen birds and collected butterfly wings and dead shrews in matchboxes. I see my work with jewel and bone as a progression of this fascination with beauty in the macabre.

I make every effort to source skulls ethically but more often they are found or donated."

Every piece is completely unique.

Commissions taken.

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